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Welcome to the benchmark in cost-effective PCB assembly for North America

USA and Canada Toll Free Inquiries: 1-888-329-2776
Main Phone & all International Calls: 1-613-257-2802
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We are inviting you for a FREE consultation today! We can provide top value to you with our superior quality at an affordable and economical competitive price. Whether you are interested in our electronic manufacturing services for your products or purchasing our world-class MRI preamp module, at HI-Q.A. our name means the very best.

Scheduled facility tours available by request - just give us a call. Thanks for visiting our website and enjoy learning more about us through our video. New site visitors - be sure to bookmark it now for future reference.

PCB assembly, mechanical assembly, & much more!

HI-Q.A. has over 30 years experience in the North American electronic assembly industry. We are located in the heart of Canada's high tech "Silicon Valley" - Ottawa, Ontario located between Montreal, Quebec and Toronto, Ontario, and supplying products for clients from most US states and every Canadian province. We provide comprehensive product support by working with our customers during the initial development phase, providing consigned and full turnkey procurement solutions and complete system test and product integration. We even repair other manufacturer's boards! We are printed circuit board assembly experts.

We have clients outside North America too; consider us if you want to enjoy our value or even to improve your North American content when shipping your products into North America. We can offer the top value of contract electronic manufacturers.

We offer a wide range of services including:

  • PCB assembly and mechanical assembly in contract electronic manufacturing
  • High quality and on-time delivery PCBs
  • Quick-turn integration and test of PCB assemblies
  • Lead Free (RoHS) PCB assembly
  • Conformal coatings and cable assemblies
  • BGA, surface mount, thru hole, double sided, wave and reflow profiling
  • Rapid prototype for PCB assembly
  • ISO compliant - full EMS support
  • Low cost consigned component option
  • Advanced pick and place electronic assembly
  • Established New Product Introduction (NPI) simplicity
  • Cost effective fast repair service on PCB assemblies of all types
  • Cost effective production runs - small to large
  • Compliance to applicable leading industry standards - ISO and IPC Class 3
  • Supporting factory inspections for CSA, UL, and other safety standards
  • Proven low cost PCB assembly electronic manufacturer
  • Fast high tech PCB analysis including X-Ray and SEM
  • Optional system integration and build
  • Numerous packaging and shipping options - cross border expertise

Are you frustrated with your hidden and unexpected costs of doing assembly offshore. Inquire about our repatriating abilities.

We've found the right balance for cost effective high quality on PCB assembly - delivering you the optimum value and creating for us, unparalleled customer loyalty. We encourage you to try us and experience the difference.

Listen to what some of our customers are saying about HI-Q.A. :

We have worked with HI-Q.A. on several New Product Introduction projects. Even at initial small volume, it was a pleasure to work with them for our PCB assemblies - you feel like you are their most important customer. Their pricing has been excellent and quality dependable. Now at higher volume, we are pleased to continue to build our boards in Canada and are able to compete with offshore products in the same space as ours. Quality has built our brand recognition - in part, thanks to HI-Q.A.

HI-Q.A. was the easiest board assembly place to work with. There was no complicated contract that tried to lock-in our business. It was clear that they had confidence in their services and value, and we liked being able to keep all our options open. This shortened our startup time considerably with manufacturer selection for PCB assembly. We felt comfortable trying them and have stayed with them since 2007 with no regrets.

HI-Q.A. has supplied us with good quality assemblies, consignment and turnkey operations with great customer service. On several occasions, HI-Q.A. has delivered 48 hour emergency builds to accommodate urgent shipments.

A gem in the sea of circuit board assembly houses. We love the first rate service from HI-Q.A. Always friendly and very professional too.

HI-Q.A. has had a successful working relationship with our company for more than 18 years. During this time, they have provided assembly and test services on both a consignment and turnkey operation. They have provided excellent quality and delivery at all times and I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for a subcontract assembly solution.

HI-Q.A. has been a supplier to us for the last 15 years. During these years we have been supplied with contract manufacturing of excellent quality combined with customer service and delivery that is second to none. Pricing is comparable with the industry in our area and response time to urgent orders is above and beyond expectations.

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30 Years of Excellence!

For over 30 years we've served clients wanting contract electronic manufacturing from single builds to long term relationships. Our PCB assemblies have been shipped to customers in most US states and every province of Canada. Our Ottawa facility is nicely located between Toronto and Montreal and close to the New York US border for distribution efficiency. We have clients outside of North America too.

Provinces - customers of our PCB assemblies:
Newfoundland - NFLD
Nova Scotia - NS
Prince Edward Island - PEI
New Brunswick - NB
Quebec - QC
Ontario - ON
Manitoba - MB
Saskatchewan - SK
Alberta - AB
British Columbia - BC

US States - customers of our PCB assemblies:
Alabama - AL
Arizona - AR
California - CA
Colorado - CO
Connecticut - CT
Florida - FL
Georgia - GA
Iowa - IA
Illinois - IL
Indiana - IN
Kansas - KS
Kentucky - KY
Loisiana - LA
Maine - ME
Maryland - MD
Massachusetts - MA
Michigan -MI
Minnesota - MN
Missouri - MO
New Jersey - NJ
New York - NY
North Carolina - NC
North Dakota - ND
Ohio - OH
Oklahoma - OK
Oregon - OR
Pennsylvania - PA
South Carolina - SC
Tennessee - TN
Texas - TX
Virginia - VA
Washington - WA
Wisconsin - WI

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